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Be the digital host/hostess with the mostest!

How good a digital host are you? Do people enter your digital space and admire the wallpaper? Do they gush to their friends at the conversations and laughs they’ve had whilst sitting around your virtual table? Or do they take one look through a crack in the door and head for the hills? Clearly you are hoping for the former, to increase your audience and welcome in as many people as possible. With a bit of luck, they’ll tell their friends how much they enjoyed their visit.

In life, being a great host means making people feel welcome and comfortable in your space and your company. The same goes for your online space, if you don’t provide a warm, interesting and enlivening experience people are unlikely to come back. So, how do you turn your social media, website or podcast from a broken shed with the door hanging off, to a beautiful cottage with roses growing around the door?

There are a number of things people are looking for when they visit an online space, but generally: order, accessibility, information, inspiration and escapism are top of the list. To become a digital des res you need to make sure your virtual welcome mat is clean, your audience is able to find their way around, your cupboards are well stocked with enough content to keep your guests happy and you’ve given your walls a recent coat of paint. Do this and they are likely to stick around, and most importantly come again.

So, if you want to create the digital equivalent of a 5 star luxury B&B that everyone is hoping for an invite to you need to get your house in order, greet your guests at the door, offer them your finest content, and then show them to a virtual comfy sofa, where they can relax and stay awhile.