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Scope: Infographic, gif and print design.


About the client: Eurima is the European Insulation Manufacturers Association and represents the interests of all major mineral wool producers throughout Europe. Eurima was established in 1959 to promote improved standards and regulations for the use of insulation materials. It has developed to reflect the growing environmental concerns of society, in particular improving energy efficiency in buildings.


Project 1 overview: Designing an infographic on ‘The Recipe of The Year’. The infographic aimed to draw the attention of MEPs and EU officials to the issue of energy efficiency in non-conventional way. VT’s concept was built around a cooking recipe. Each ‘ingredient’ was related to a key heading in the manifesto.


Project 2 overview: Designing an infographic to illustrate the tagline ‘Renewables are too Valuable to be Wasted’. It involved giving a fresh lease of life to old graphic elements to illustrate the advantages of investing in energy efficiency.



Construction, Not-for-Profit