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Scope: Branding og logodesign.


About the client: The International Carbon Monoxide Research Network (ICORN) was established in 2016 to coordinate and promote research and data collection relating to carbon monoxide poisoning. The Network’s aim is to develop research which provides the evidence to improve policy and regulation as well as better education and awareness amongst the general public, healthcare professionals and others.


Project overview: The client has come to me in need of a logo upgrade. The initial logo was designed to be fairly simple in order to set up the network and as time has gone by they wanted something with more visual interest whilst still evoking its academic roots.


Following the client’s brief to use a colour palette of royal blue and claret red to evoke colour associations with healthcare, and a font that suggested clarity and expertise, I added the clever visual twist of turning the O in ICORN into the Carbon Monoxide molecule (one Carbon atom and one Oxygen atom for those you who skipped chemistry class) and the new ICORN logo was born.



Safety & Health, Tech, Not-for-profit