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Getting Behind Branding

Ask someone what branding means and they might find it hard to define. Ask them if branding matters to them and they are unlikely to be hugely effusive on the subject. However, branding is a constant presence in our daily life. It’s there when we have our first coffee of the day, when we sit down to our preferred breakfast and find out what’s happening in the world from our preferred news source. In short branding matters and it’s a brave company that ignores its importance.

Here are five reasons to get behind branding:

1. Branding brings you closer to your customer. Your branding is the first thing your customer will take in about your company. Good branding should provide a snapshot of your company’s ethos, products or services and customer base. It should convey your values, provide consistency, authenticity, and transparency so that your customer feels like they know your company and can relate to you.

2. Employees should be the biggest brand ambassador a company has. A truly great company lives its values so in turn its biggest assets, its employees, become the cog that powers the branding wheel. There is no greater way to spread a positive message than by word of mouth and what better way to power external messaging than creating a brand that employees are proud of and can get behind.

3. Strong branding provides a strong base for marketing and advertising. A clear brand with an established message makes a company much easier to market and advertise. Look at it like being in a choir, once you’ve got a really great song, it’s easier for all the members of the choir to work in harmony and give a strong performance.

4. A customer who is invested in a company’s brand is likely to pay more money for its products and services. In short, a strong brand makes a company more valuable and therefore has a greater basis for operating at a higher price point.

5. Branding builds a loyal customer base that will keep coming back. You can’t build a healthy company from one-off purchases; a positive brand experience should lead to future purchases, and without the cost to the company of creating the sales lead again. One loyal customer will create more loyal customers, just as a strong brand needs employee advocates it also needs customers to spread the word.

So, ignore branding at your peril because branding means business!