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Promotional Design

Examples of a promotional design for multiple clients. The brief included: print & digital design, layout design and illustration.


Example 1: Designing a promotional poster for the event “Innovations in Urban Agriculture” as part of EU Green Week 2018, an annual event that provides a platform for debating and discussing European environmental policy. Design work undertaken as a subcontractor whilst working at Panliska LTD.


Example 2: In a city bursting full of restaurants and food markets, Soupreise wanted eye-catching content that would stand out from usual promotional materials. VT paired a strong colour palette with black and white animated elements to bring in a sense of dynamics, playfulness and joy.


Example 3: Designing a seasons greetings E-card for Colas, a major French civil engineering firm specialising in road construction and rail track construction. The card was linked with a client’s short promotional animation video. Design work undertaken as a subcontractor whilst working at Arizona Films.