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Vi Vil Bio

Scope: Logo design.

About the client: ViVilBio (We Want Bio) is a sales collaboration between and, which offers and delivers full organic recycling solutions to Danish companies – i.e. products such as bags, packaging (Maistic) and setting up a container for bio-waste (Solum).

Project overview: The client requested a well-designed logo, linking both companies to their key messages, quickly and efficiently. As a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of ViVilBio – the logo had to convey a complex business model, its product/services, quality, vision and values, and connect with its target market and audience.

The main concept was to create something modern, playful and catchy that could be easily sharable via social media and as a label on products. Logo consists of a graphic element and customised typography, however lettering should be able to stand alone..


Organic waste management / packaging