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Print is back in fashion

There was a time when it seemed like books were going to go the way of the dodo, in favour of eReaders; by the same principle print marketing was looking to be a thing of the past. BUT… those trading in their bookcase for a Kindle may have missed a trick. Whilst print should be used wisely for environmental reasons, print marketing has seen a resurgence in popularity amongst brands and consumers alike in recent years.

Far from being old fashioned, consumers are increasingly taking comfort in nostalgia and there is something about curling up on a sofa with a catalogue and a cup of coffee that is hard to replicate by staring at a screen. Lots of brands are wising up to the power of print and this, combined with an increasing desire for digital detox, has led to a demand for in-house print magazines and brochures. From clothing brands, such as ASOS, to interior brands, such as Habitat, carefully curated content and glossy photo shoots aimed at target demographics are blurring the worlds of shopping and publishing. A whole new consumer experience is happening, and it is one that results in sales.

So, if you’re looking for a holistic marketing experience for your customers, and are thinking of bringing print back into the mix, remember:


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