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How to Fight Creative Block?

creative block

Whether it’s writer’s block, a creative cul-de-sac or design dead end, everyone in the creative industry has suffered from a severe case of imagination blockage at some point. We all know what it feels like to stare at a blank piece of paper with an even blanker brain, but what can you do to overcome it and let the ideas flow?

1 – Give your brain a rest. They say the best ideas come when you are doing something mundane like taking a shower or gardening. Step away from the screen and see what happens.

2 – Get inspiration elsewhere. Have a look online or in a magazine and see what all the other creative minds are coming up with, it might help to jumpstart yours.

3 – Just put pen to paper, or characters on screen. Sometimes you just need to put something on paper even if it’s no good, the very act of starting work might cure your creative funk.

So, give yourself a break, if great artists like Plath, Picasso and Hemingway suffered from creative blockage then you are in good company.